A Midwinter’s Rut

I have always lived in the upper Midwest. Wisconsin, with a 4-year stopover in south central Minnesota for undergrad. I think it’s fair to say that I detest this time of year. It’s cold, dark, and snowy/icy. The grind of the school year is getting to students and teachers alike. Spring seems like a distant light at the end of the tunnel. Is this just a frozen tundra thing? Does it happen to you and/or your students? I feel myself wanting to check out like senioritis all over again. Obviously I can’t and I won’t. I had always wondered if a midwinter trip to some warm destination would be the cure. After coming back from eastern Texas last week, I can say no. I think it has actually contributed to this blah. How do you get through the 3rd quarter grind?

Coffee is always a good place to start. For the record.

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